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We have been writing educational software since 1983 and have moved with the times. Until 1998 our software was published by Software Production Associates which no longer exists and we publish our "apps" directly with Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Babbage is our first published "app" for IOS and Android and will be released (subject to the publishers approval) in January 2014.

Please visit our software site for more details by clicking here.


Training/CPD/Learning and Development is often the last to be planned but we believe is the most important aspect of any ICT project.

Since 1985 we have been providing ICT training to a wide range of individuals from different groups:

  1. - School and university students
  2. - School and college teachers
  3. - Members of the public, particularly disadvantaged groups.

Please look at our tutorial website Gravesend Tutorial Service if you are interested in our bespoke individual tutorial services for 1:1 teaching in computing, mathematics and the sciences.


There are hundreds of thousands of web design companies available but we believe we offer the complete solution that many small organisations require.

We specialise in delivering a complete design, implementation and training package which will leave you with a fully functional website that you understand and can manage yourself using one of a number of open source content management systems including Joomla, Drupal and Mango.

Whilst we prefer to deliver training and let you manage the site yourself we are also happy to offer ongoing support to ensure you can keep your website up to date and relevant to your purposes.

We offer this service particularly to small businesses, charities and small schools who do not have the expertise to deliver their own site but also do not have the money to afford one of the big design houses.

Alternative offers available are usually either too complex or too simplistic, we specialise in producing the site you need at a price you can afford.


Project management is a well understood but difficult science to deliver. The main reason it is difficult is that it is more of an art than a science, due mainly to the involvement of real people, getting in the way of a neat and tidy scientific Prince or Agile project plan's delivery.

We have long expertise in developing the relationships with vendors and clients and the necessary scientific planning skills required to bring your key projects and programmes home in time and on budget.

We have particular experience and expertise in delivering projects for small organisations who neither want nor can afford full time project managers but who need to match the professionalism required from industry suppliers.

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