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MK ICT Services Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration number: 7818172. The company is based in Gravesend, England and is registered there.

  • The MD of the company is Martin Kilkie, who has more than 35 years experience in education, IT and ICT, in fact back to the time when it was first called Computing!
  • Peter Kilkie is director responsible for Rhinobeetle UK. Peter also delivers web design and graphic design services for the company.

The services section of the website details the experience and skillsets available within MK ICT Services to provide added value to your business.



All services provided by MK ICTServices are bespoke and delivered in the way you want; As such our prices have to be bespoke to deliver products you need at prices you want to pay.

We welcome any opportunity to talk to you about services you want and we are sure that the pricing we discuss will meet your budget.

We are professional and charge commercial rates, but we understand the budget constraints organisations are under. Often the budget solution is not to reduce daily rates but to show you how we can use our expertise to deliver the work required in less time than you might have envisaged, without reducing quality and deliverables.

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Company overview


We are a technology company offering distinctly different sets of services.

Firstly, we have high level expertise and senior experience in local government and educational computing. We have successfully managed many mission critical ICT projects and programmes from inception to operation in schools, local authorities and Small and medium enterprises.

Secondly, we are educators/leaders of learning with experience in computing and sciences that delivers across the age range from 9 to 99. We are professional trainers with widespread successful practice in schools, further education, community education and staff training.

Thirdly, we are producers and publishers of a range of high quality educational software, concentrating on developing apps which explain difficult concepts in unique ways.

Please browse our services at your leisure. We will be delighted to talk to any individual or organisation wishing to discuss using our services to help deliver to your needs.

In addition we have three trading arms, one an e-commerce operation Rhinobeetle UK, a separate tutorial service Gravesend Tutorial Services and a vehicle Kilkiesoft for our software titles.



Gravesend Tutorial Services


Gravesend Tutorial Services is the trading name for our educational tutorial services, based in North Kent.

We deliver high quality expert and experienced one to one tutorials in a range of secondary subjects, only where we have the relevant experience and expertise.

We have an excellent track record of delivering top exam grades with our students, exceeding students' predicted grades from their school.

We deliver these services through our own staff and via an agency arrangement with other high quality tutors that we have vetted and checked.

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